Studio Koniak is a Branding Consultancy directed by Nurit Koniak and partner Natasha Boguslavsky. The Studio specializes in branding, marketing strategy, digital design, motion graphics, art-direction and packaging. It is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel and caters to clients everywhere.

Koniak serves a range of clients in the fields of hospitality, culinary, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It offers comprehensive brand design to its clients, while implementing strategic and creative thought every step of the way.



18 Levontin St. Tel-Aviv
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Office +972547866026


Brand Strategy begins with asking vital questions regarding the objectives of the creative process, and follows with an extensive research of the product category, a visual research and a trend report.


Based on firm strategy and a deep understanding of the brand positioning, brand design communicates the client's message accurately and intelligently, creating a distinct visual signature.


Art Direction creates timeless expressions through desirable design assets that make an impact. Good art-direction is about envisioning a specific ambience and translating it into strong visuals.


From e-commerce to portfolio sites, digital campaigns, social media content, and applications, the studio offers a holistic approach to digital design. Creating beautiful experiences with a reliable team of developers.


The branding process includes art-direction, production and editing of videos, short films, and animations. The studio curates the ultimate creative team for every project, ensuring that the client's campaign goes viral.


Packaging design considers a variety of factors, such as consumer behavior, the product's variable selling points and direct category competition. The studio will always aim to target the market's soft spot and build upon that to develop a successful consumer product.

Nurit Koniak

Nurit Koniak founded Studio Koniak 2005, several years after graduating in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Nurit is a branding consultant, and a teacher at Shenkar College of Design.

Natasha Boguslavsky

Natasha Boguslavsky is partner and creative director at Studio Koniak. She is a visual communication graduate from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and the co-creator of Sybaris magazine.

Yafit Davidson

Former Tv Commercial Producer, and Narrator, Yafit Davidson is project manager and administrative director at Studio Koniak.

Nina Mendelsohn

HIT Graduate, and former interior designer, Nina Mendelsohn is art director and graphic designer at Studio Koniak.

Tom Melnick

Visual Communication graduate from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tom Melnick is art director, designer and illustrator at Studio Koniak. She is also the founder and co-director of Stolen Goods Company.

Kobi Michaeli

Visual communication graduate from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Kobi Michaeli is art director and designer at Studio Koniak.