Studio Koniak is a Branding Consultancy directed by Nurit Koniak and Partner Natasha Boguslavsky. 
We specialize in branding, marketing strategy, digital design, motion graphics, art-direction and packaging. The studio is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel and caters to clients everywhere. For Inquiries please contact
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For Inquiries please contact
via mail
Studio Tel +972.747019789


The Norman Tel Aviv


Brand Design, Signage, Collateral and Art-direction of Image Library
by Koniak Design. Design Team : Nurit Koniak, Ran Shauli, Ilya Yasinov

Architecture : Yoav Messer
Interior Design & Concept : Sagrada London 
Photography : Sivan Askayo, Dan Perez
Styling : Laetitia Sebban

Situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Norman Tel Aviv creates a union between two high-end preservation buildings ; the first belonging to the art deco style of architecture, and the second to the eclectic style. Gently echoing the chic of the mandate period, the interior of the hotel is one of the most luxurious to be found in Israel, yet manages to remain understated and elegant. 

The brand Identity is based on the juxtaposition of eras, as geometric sharpness is fused with round eclectic forms. A carefully constructed N-made of two weights, acts as the crest of the hotel. Rosegold foil stamping on uncoated warm white board, bronze & brown shades, the spacious use of layout in the collaterals - all reflect the ideas of bespoke quality and iconic presence.

The story of Norman Lourie is present through the minimal use of historical photos and texts, and a warm vintage crafty feel to the collateral. The family narrative is not necessarily  expressed in words, but is felt in the design as a sense of heritage. Unlike the typical Corporate hotel experience, this brand has a soft, warm luxury approach to it.