Studio Koniak is a Branding Consultancy directed by Nurit Koniak and Partner Natasha Boguslavsky. 
We specialize in branding, marketing strategy, digital design, motion graphics, art-direction and packaging. The studio is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel and caters to clients everywhere. For Inquiries please contact
 us via mail
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For Inquiries please contact
via mail
Studio Tel +972.747019789


Arik Miranda Singles


Design Team: Nurit Koniak, Michal Pauzner.

Artist Arik Miranda commissioned the studio to produce a catalogue for his latest photographic work. Miranda envisioned the catalogue to be in the shape of a vinyl record, to pay tribute to one of the bands that shaped his adolescense  - The Smiths. The record sleeve contains reproductions of the artist's work and essays written about the work replace the lyrics.